Recent Testimonials

Britt Smith
Gettysburg College D3 -Soccer Goalkeeper

Relentless Athletics has helped me become more explosive on the soccer field, has given me more drive to become successful in anything I do, and has helped transform me into a collegiate athlete

Katie Huff
Professional Volleyball Athlete in Szombathely, Hungary

”I’ve spent almost my entire life as an athlete, yet I never actually knew how to fuel my body properly. I ate “healthy foods” and really just went along with what I thought I needed. As demands increased in the gym, I could not keep up and I knew my body didn’t feel right.

I reached out to the coaches at Relentless and they have not only improved the way I fuel my body, but they have educated me on the “why” behind it all. I am seeing improvements in my body composition, and most importantly, I finally feel like I am able to push my body to limits in the gym unlike before.

What I really love about Relentless is they have devoted time to make a plan that is very specific to my daily routine and nutrition needs. Every question I have is responded to not only with an answer but the scientific reasoning behind it as well.

Reaching out to Relentless is the best decision I have made for my professional career. I wish I would have found them much earlier!”

Elissa Weaver
37, Full time Nurse AND mom

After 3 months of not getting my period, I began to get a little worried. My OB-GYN did some bloodwork and I had the estrogen of a post-menopausal woman. Cool. I asked her if it was because of all of my weight lifting. “You’re not skinny enough to lose your period so it’s not that.” (That stung a bit, having struggled with an eating disorder for 15 years. I was 5 years into full recovery but those words still gnawed at me.) She recommended that I go to a reproductive endocrinologist.

The reproductive endocrinologist ordered a very expensive MRI of my brain to check my pituitary gland, numerous invasive ultrasounds, glucose tests and more bloodwork, most of which was normal. After months of testing (and not a single person asking me about my eating habits) his conclusion was “you are really anxious. You should meditate. Nursing school is hard. I bet if you calmed down your period would come right back.” Thousands of dollars for something I could have read on a piece of paper in a fortune cookie.

Again, I asked if it was maybe lifting weights and not eating the right things. Again a doctor tells me “you’re not skinny enough to lose your period.” They put me on a birth control pill, which made me miserable, and said it should force me to get a period. 3 months later I did. So I thought I was fixed.
Once I hit 35 I was done taking the pill. Risk of blood clots increases at that time anyway. And once the pill was done, so was my period.

This August, at 37, I started working with Emily. I showed her what I was eating and when. I was running half marathons, lifting 4 days a week, working 12-hour shifts in the emergency room and being a mom. I think it was about 1800 calories a day, which to me seemed astronomical. I’d given up on cycles and periods for 2 years so I didn’t even think about it anymore. One month into my nutrition program with Emily, I got my period. ONE. MONTH. After 5+ years. And I’ve gotten one every single month since then. Science is crazy like that.

CrossFit isn’t the enemy. Weightlifting isn’t the enemy. Running isn’t the enemy. Those things are all essential to a healthy life. What makes them hurtful is improper fueling. You can be a “normal” weight and still be under-fueling. You can run 20 miles a week, back squat 185 and deadlift 215, but if you don’t eat the right things, those accomplishments really don’t mean too much because your body is in survival mode at that point. Despite my past, not a SINGLE doctor looked at what I was eating. All my problems were dismissed as stress-related. I’m grateful every day that I found someone, even at the ripe old age of 37, who actually listened to me!!

Chase Wassel
D2 Volleyball Athlete

I started Relentless Nutrition with the goal of improved body composition as well as improve performance on the court as an outside hitter for Holy Family University. Within the first 3 weeks I noticed a significant changes in my body. Not only was I looking firmer and more athletic, but I was better fueled for my matches. With the nutrition plan, I was able to learn the importance of fueling before, during, and after my games so that my performance never dwindled. Besides the physical aspect, the confidence I was gaining through these changes helped me improve my mental game both on and off the court.

Selena Swanger
WCU Gymnastics Alum + Weightlifting Athlete

Working with Relentless Nutrition has taught me how to properly fuel my body with what it needs to PERFORM! This experience not only improved my athletic ability, but has given me much more confidence in myself. My mental game is MUCH stronger than it used to be and my physical abilities are only increasing!!

Kayla Mari Victor
Competitive Weightlifter

First and foremost, Ive been meaning to send you a long thank you. I have come SUCH A LONG WAY mentally and it is like a breath of fresh air. A year ago, I would have been over analyzing everything I ate out or just wouldn’t eat because I didn’t know what was in it. And I would have been stressing out about how much I weigh after eating something out. Also, I would have never drank because I would be so worried about macros.

But that is not the case anymore, so thank you! I finally am at a place where I recognize food for FUEL and it has affected my life in such a positive way.

Jaime Bonner
D2 Volleyball Athlete

I never knew I was fueling my body wrong on game days until Emily taught me how it really should be done. Proper nutrition during competition is a GAME CHANGER! I felt energized and was consistently able to perform at a high level without much fatigue.

Brooke Profitt
Former College Athlete

Coming from an athletic background, I decided to start working with a weightlifting coach a few years after college and I made some massive improvements in the first 6 months. Unfortunately, things began to stagnate and was becoming really run down. I was unaware that was not fueling my body properly considering my work loads and my progress started diminishing. I was so crushed by my backsliding performance considering I was still putting forth 100% effort. That’s when I reached out to Relentless Athletics and I could not be more thankful. We worked on recovery through my diet for weeks until my body was recovered and allowed me to start making progress again. Week by week we took my multifaceted goals into consideration and made changes as my body responded. Not only do I know more about nutrition related to performance as a whole, but I better understand my own body and what I need to do to achieve success. I’m currently at my lowest body fat % and am back to competing and achieving new PRs!! I am so grateful for the education, encouragement, and notable professionalism offered by Relentless Athletics.

Riley Brown
58kg Nationally Ranked Youth Weightlifter

Just over a year and a half ago I shifted my focus from playing high school sports to competing in Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting. Both sports are very physically demanding and when I first started I ate based on a template designed for the general crowd of olympic weightlifters.

Using these general nutrition guidelines worked for awhile until progress began to slow and energy levels began to decline. My coach and I decided I could fill my weight class out even more gaining much more strength and energy. When I first started working with Emily it was obvious that I would be a tough subject as we had a lot of factors to take into consideration such as my age, volume of activities, my weight class and even the time constraints on major competitions coming up.

Working with Emily I successfully finished my first mass gaining both strength in my lifts as well as performing better in high intensity Crossfit workouts. Currently I am in the middle of my first cut feeling the best I have ever felt leading into a competition. Without Emily none of this would be possible as I believed it would be impossible for me to gain weight! I recommend Emily to anyone with any sort of fitness or health goals even if you believe you yourself may be a tough subject I guarantee with her help anything is possible!

Amie Maguire
53-58kg Weightlifter

I’ve been Weightlifting for 3 years, and as some may know, Weightlifting is a weight class sport. My game plan for about 2.5 years was to just complete wherever I fell. I was able to bring myself from 60-61kg body weight to 58kg, but recently I wanted to take my competitive edge to a new level by dropping my body fat percent and also dropping a weight class from 58kg to 53kg. I sought out help from Emily because she was currently working with 2 of my team mates. I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a shot and see what kind of protocol she would put me on, knowing I could always go somewhere else. After 8 weeks, I am definitely not going to be going anywhere else anytime soon! I had about 5 weeks on a baseline template, and about 3 weeks now of cutting. I’ve gone from sitting at 58-59kg to a steady 57.5kg during the baseline phase, to hitting a new low at 56kg heading into my 4th week of cutting. The template she gave me is easy to follow and I can pull it up on my phone anytime I need to. It’s balanced, and gets an athlete eating a healthy diet geared toward maximum performance with a focus on nutrient timing. As a current Nutrition and Dietetic Student, working with Emily is more than just a client/nutritionist relationship. It’s a learning opportunity. Seeing her methodology in action for athletes who are cutting and/or massing gives me a great understanding on how the body works. Emily is also very receptive and communicates with her clients really well. I feel like I am being guided by caring hands towards my goals! I absolutely love working with Emily and would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health, fitness, and relationship with food!

Mary Owen Howell
Collegiate Track and Field Athlete

Usually I feel pretty sluggish during warm ups and eventually feel better once the competition starts. But now, I can tell I have more energy at the start of warm ups and that stays around longer, which was really nice! The timing of meals really helps too. I think that is the biggest thing that helps on competition day because I never give my body a chance to be hungry and lose energy.

Pat Healey
Relentless Parent

As the season begins for Jordan I wanted to thank Relentless for all the work you did with J. I’m know she is stronger but more importantly to me, she is a more confident young woman. I also know that her confidence has transferred to the lacrosse field. That’s all I could want as a parent!

Denise Harmon
Relentless Parent

My daughter speaks so highly of the coaches at Relentless! She has been setting goals for herself training wise, which I think is amazing for a 12-year-old girl!! Thank you for what you are instilling in these young girls!

Chuck Bauman
Relentless Parent

Reagan absolutely loves it. Emily and the staff not only do a great job of introducing these girls to the world of strength training, proper form and technique but also do an amazing job of helping them build self-esteem. She is not only getting stronger but her confidence has seemed to grow over the past few months. Whatever it is you guys are doing, please keep it up!!

Joe Volpe
Relentless Athlete Parent

Mady’s travel coaches pulled me aside on Sunday to ask what she was doing as her velocity has really improved in the last month! Her pitching coach then told me that she is finally using her glutes more and that is where the speed is coming from. What you had mentioned to me about her being quad dominate was absolutely correct. Thank you for working with her!!

Rick Torresani
North Penn High School, Head Softball Coach

I have been so impressed with Amanda and how she has improved in her softball skills and it has to do with her working out with you. Her power, endurance and speed has increased from her freshman year to the present in ways I can not put into words. I am looking forward to see the improvement with Carley who I am counting on to be a starter next season. I am now trying to get more of the team to contact you and go to your gym. All I can say is that I am so grateful to you in helping these 3 young ladies increase their chances of having awesome years at North Penn.

Mark McGuriman
Relentless Athlete Parent

Wanted to thank you for the work with Olivia. She has been over-scheduled with soccer, voice softball (school and rec) and school things.

This past weekend, she played in a u17 regional tournament for U.S. youth soccer against the state champions in NJ, Western Pa, West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia. She is only 14 and totally held her own physically against much older and physically developed players. She played really well and was physically prepared! Thank you for that.

Relentless Athlete Parent

BEST training facility in the area. Emily is the most dedicated and knowledgeable coach around.

Relentless Athlete Parent

Best training center around for female strength and conditioning! My daughter, Katie, has thrived in Emily’s all female environment. These girls are having fun while training and getting strong the CORRECT way! They are fierce and developing self empowerment. Katie loves lifting along all kinds of area athletes : field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball. The girls come from all different schools and love the atmosphere Emily provides for them.

Relentless Athlete Parent

Relentless has been amazing for my daughter! She is stronger and more confident with her sports. Emily is great with the girls, knowledgeable and a mentor. Awesome training year around!

Relentless Athlete Parent

Relentless is doing such amazing things for these girls. Not only do they look up to Emily as a leader ….they trust her! She is shaping not only bodies but young minds as well. I can honestly say that I am so happy that Emily is in my daughter Hailey’s life. She always make a good day better and a bad day ends with a smile when she leaves the gym. Relentless builds confidence!

Relentless Athlete Parent

The results of my daughters Erin and Maddie’s hard work – and Emily’s – are well beyond even my most optimistic expectations. The difference in both Erin and Maddie’s game from this season compared to last season was stunning. There is no doubt in my mind that through training Relentless has been able to develop my daughters to the best of their athletic potentials!

Melissa Peters
HS Senior Softball Athlete

Relentless coaches do not set impossible expectations for young girls which is a lot of what is all over the internet; rather they help create this idea of an “athlete” (which Emily defines and explains really well in her podcast). They do this by helping stress to us the importance of lean muscle mass over being “skinny”. I think A LOT of girls are chasing this goal of “skinny” and I know I definitely am guilty of this but it is because they don’t understand the difference in image, confidence and overall health between lean/muscular and skinny. I was always one of those people that was like I want to lose weight or I have been eating poorly let me go run it off and I focused predominantly on cardio.

But with what Relentless has taught me through their articles, posts, seminars, and what the coaches help explain to me is if you are lifting weights, working out properly, and fueling your body the way you should then you will see the results. A big thing that I have learned over the past few months that has helped me physically (and mentally) is focusing on how/when I’m fueling my body. I never really understood this importance and I think a big reason that Relentless helped me trust them is the background the coaches have in science. I’m a very logical person and science-based so I need to know why. I feel like having coaches that are educated in the science is very helpful because it proves that what they are encouraging is scientifically proven to have a positive effect

Since starting Relentless, I have never felt as fit or confident as I do now and it completely transformed my idea of “working out”. It’s really an educational thing. The more I lift, embrace better eating habits, and learn the WHY from Relentless, the more I really understand the importance of being a better ATHLETE as a whole.

Paige Angelus
D1 Lacrosse Athlete

About three years ago, I joined Relentless Athletics with the goal of becoming a stronger athlete. Relentless coaches not only showed me what I needed to do from a physical standpoint, but also from a nutritional standpoint. Almost every athlete knows the importance of strength training and how it can directly relate to his or her skill and speed on the field or court. However, something that the majority of athletes are unaware of is how their intake of food can equally impact their playing. Yes, most athletes know to eat their vegetables and protein, but when? After a workout? Before a game? Joining relentless athletics has helped me learn about the importance of fueling my body. Before Relentless, I believed in stereotypes like “carbs are always bad for you” or “too much protein makes you gain weight;” therefore, that is how I ate. However, once I became a member of Relentless and eating the proper way an athlete should, I saw significant differences in my body and my skills on the field. At first, it was hard to deny the stereotypes but after I have gained so much strength and stamina, I knew that they were all wrong. Relentless helped me become a better athlete both physically and mentally through strength training and more importantly fueling my body correctly.

Lauryn Fahey
North Penn Field Hockey

Trying Relentless for the first time, I was hesitant just like any new thing I try. By the end of my free trial I was absolutely in love and KNEW I wanted to sign up as soon as possible for this gym. The owner Emily is a great and bubbly person who became one of my best friends. She is really incredible how she can determine what best suits you and your body and what exercises you should do according to your sport. As well as creating a great and comfortable atmosphere, Emily knows what she is doing. In my first three months of coming to Relentless, I had became not only stronger but MUCH faster than I had in the previous three years of other strength training and conditioning. On the field hockey field, I dominated and was much more confident because I knew in my head and my heart that I was stronger, faster, and more aggressive than my opponent. Along with the strength, I just am always happy to come lift at Relentless. No matter if I am in a bad mood before, I always come out smiling after I am done. Going from two days of training per week to training basically everyday (literally 5 days haha) I love it more and more each day.

Kelly Sabolsky
Lansdale Catholic Basketball Athlete (and Weightlifting athlete!)

I can honestly say that going to Relentless has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I started working out I couldn’t even deadlift the 35 lbs bar. Now, about a year and half later I can deadlift up to 183 lbs. But that’s not the only reason I love relentless. I love how Emily makes an effort to really be there for all the girls and how everyone is so supportive of each other. We lift as a team. Relentless has really opened up a whole new world for me as an athlete. A year and a half ago I wouldn’t have even thought about weight training and now it’s my second sport. I can’t even express how grateful I am to have the chance to work out at Relentless and be a part of it.

D1 Rowing Athlete

Over the summer, I was looking to get stronger and come back to school prepared for my fall season. I’m so glad I found Relentless and started working with Emily. Her sport specific programs, attention to detail, and contagious enthusiasm make Relentless Athletics a great place to work toward your goals! Working with Emily, I not only built strength, but also confidence in my technique, which enabled me to push myself harder in the weight room. The strength and stability I built this summer at Relentless has also translated to rowing, as I’ve improved in both technique and strength on the water. Thanks for helping me become a better athlete!

D2 Volleyball Athlete

“I joined Relentless because all I ever heard were amazing things about it. I become a member during the summer and trained there for about 2.5 weeks. In that small window of time, I became a stronger mentally and physically, felt powerful, and grew as an all around athlete. Relentless prepared me for my third college season in those 3 weeks more then ever, which lead me to complete 2 huge milestones this season alone. Emily is one of the best trainers I have ever had, and an all-around wonderful individual. She pushes you to do things you never thought you could accomplish, and did everything I could to leave for school feeling better then ever. I look forward to spending time in that gym any chance I get. The atmosphere is one that you can explain and it makes you eager to go back after every session.”

D1 Track Athlete

“This summer I joined Relentless Athletics after struggling to find a place in my area to do my summer lifts for my college program. Joining Relentless was one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my athletics. Em is an amazing coach and teacher and genuinely cares about all her girls. I always felt comfortable going to lift and knew that my lifts were made to help me in all the areas I needed. Em has corrected my form for all my lifts and pushes me to do my best, all while having fun! Returning to the college weight room this year has been so much better for me. I feel confident, strong, fast, healthy and excited to compete this season!”

D1 Softball Athlete

I worked with Emily at relentless athletics for about a year before going to college. Emily developed me so much sI went to a division 1 school for softball, I was ahead of many of the other freshman and already knew what I was doing with training and lifting. Without Emily and her knowledge and genuine love for what she does I wouldn’t be where I am!

Erica Kelly
D1 Field Hockey Athlete

Before coming to Relentless, lifting and working out seemed like a chore. But Emily makes her gym a positive and fun environment that I really love being a part of. I know a lot of people think that lifting will make girls big and bulky, but Emily’s workouts have made me more lean and muscular while also dropping 9 seconds off my mile time. I have become a much stronger athlete, and more importantly have become a better person because Emily constantly inspires me to work harder in and out of the gym. She is the best coach and friend ever!

Katie Caputo
D1 Diving Athlete

I had always thought weightlifting was more of a “guy thing.” I had always been too nervous to join a gym because I would feel embarrassed and would be intimidated by the guy athletes. When I saw how much lifting at Relentless impacted my sister’s field hockey abilities, I decided to give it a go with this all-girls strength training gym. All I can say is that performing these Olympic lifts has boosted not only my strength and stability in diving, but also my self-confidence.

When I first walked in the door at Relentless, I was a shy, scared, and overwhelmed girl who had no idea what Emily and this gym would help her accomplish. I had always been insecure with my body because it didn’t look like most girls’ thanks to my gymnastics background, but Relentless has given me the confidence to embrace my body and to realize that being strong isn’t necessarily a “guy thing.”

Rachel Kaplan
D1 Soccer Athlete

Before coming to Relentless Athletics, I thought I could go to the neighborhood gym and follow an online program and be able to see progress and results while training for a marathon and preparing to play soccer at the collegiate level. In just 4 weeks training at Relentless over my winter break at Temple, I can say I have seen more progress and results with Emily as my coach compared to the numerous years I spent following my previous training methodology. Each week I have been able to set personal records, only to be broken AGAIN the following week. I have improved my hang clean by 40lbs, my squat technique and strength, my pull ups, AS WELL as seen a tremendous increase in my running speed and endurance. Because of Relentless, I am able to not only rely on my teammates to motivate me, but have now learned how to push MYSELF to be the best I can be. Each time I come to Relentless, I am excited to see what I can do and how Relentless can help me reach my goals…..and then how to set even greater ones to reach!

Hannah Alexander
D1 Soccer Athlete

I used to think the bigger the girl the more she can lift….I learned today at training at Temple that is not true. I had a back squat test today and I out squatted ALL the freshman who are all about 2x the size of me. And 3/4 of the girls at Relentless can out squat the D1 athletes on this team. Emily is amazing and I cannot thank her enough for always being there to help me in and out of the gym. Her positive attitude and intelligent mind is going to have a positive impact on so many more people besides myself and the world is so lucky to have people like her as a coach!