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Relentless Movement Assessment

Relentless specializes in developing the female Athlete first, and the player second. Every female who works with Relentless is required to receive a one-on-one assessment with a Relentless Coach to evaluate her unique strengths, weaknesses, injury history, sports season, and goals.

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Individualized Programs

“The prescription of resistance training should always be individualized, based on factors such as technical competency, biological age, and specific injury risk factors” (Strength and Conditioning for Female Athletes, 2018, p 179)

At Relentless, we put this science into practice by developing a program specific to each athlete after her assessment.

Relentless programs emphasize POSITION before load. Through our tiered movement progression, our athletes develop basic movement patterns (squat, hinge, press, pull, stabilize) before more technical variants (snatch, clean and jerk)

With our semi-private training model, we promise to maintain a 1:8 Coach-to-Athlete ratio at all times.

Virtual Coaching

After scheduling your virtual movement assessment, Relentless Sports scientists will write a 4-week program specifically FOR YOU.

All Relentless virtual athletes are asked to download the TrueCoach app (FREE!) to receive programming, upload training videos, and communicate with her coach.

Through TrueCoach, you will be able to communicate with your coach on your technique, prescribed weights, and progressions throughout your program.

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Virtual Strength Training Options
COMBO Nutrition + Virtual Coaching Options

Team Training

Team programming provided in a closed group setting. Training packages include evidence-based programming specific to each sport with special considerations based on athlete training age, individual strengths/ weaknesses, skill level, and team goals.

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Women’s Strength Camp

Small group training for adult females looking to gain strength, confidence, and improved quality of life!

This is a class for ALL LEVELS (from those that are new to exercising, cardio bunnies who NEVER lifted weights before, and women who have lifted before but maybe without the structure that they needed to see results!) If you are an adult woman who is looking to get strong, this class is for you!

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Katie Huff
Professional Volleyball Athlete in Szombathely, Hungary

”I’ve spent almost my entire life as an athlete, yet I never actually knew how to fuel my body properly. I ate “healthy foods” and really just went along with what I thought I needed. As demands increased in the gym, I could not keep up and I knew my body didn’t feel right.

I reached out to the coaches at Relentless and they have not only improved the way I fuel my body, but they have educated me on the “why” behind it all. I am seeing improvements in my body composition, and most importantly, I finally feel like I am able to push my body to limits in the gym unlike before.

What I really love about Relentless is they have devoted time to make a plan that is very specific to my daily routine and nutrition needs. Every question I have is responded to not only with an answer but the scientific reasoning behind it as well.

Reaching out to Relentless is the best decision I have made for my professional career. I wish I would have found them much earlier!”

Melissa Peters
HS Senior Softball Athlete

Relentless coaches do not set impossible expectations for young girls which is a lot of what is all over the internet; rather they help create this idea of an “athlete” (which Emily defines and explains really well in her podcast). They do this by helping stress to us the importance of lean muscle mass over being “skinny”. I think A LOT of girls are chasing this goal of “skinny” and I know I definitely am guilty of this but it is because they don’t understand the difference in image, confidence and overall health between lean/muscular and skinny. I was always one of those people that was like I want to lose weight or I have been eating poorly let me go run it off and I focused predominantly on cardio.

But with what Relentless has taught me through their articles, posts, seminars, and what the coaches help explain to me is if you are lifting weights, working out properly, and fueling your body the way you should then you will see the results. A big thing that I have learned over the past few months that has helped me physically (and mentally) is focusing on how/when I’m fueling my body. I never really understood this importance and I think a big reason that Relentless helped me trust them is the background the coaches have in science. I’m a very logical person and science-based so I need to know why. I feel like having coaches that are educated in the science is very helpful because it proves that what they are encouraging is scientifically proven to have a positive effect

Since starting Relentless, I have never felt as fit or confident as I do now and it completely transformed my idea of “working out”. It’s really an educational thing. The more I lift, embrace better eating habits, and learn the WHY from Relentless, the more I really understand the importance of being a better ATHLETE as a whole.

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