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Our goal is to educate Female Athletes on the WHY behind what to eat, when to eat it, in what amounts.

With a Relentless Nutrition consultation, athletes and their parent/s will meet with coach Emily Pappas MS in a one-on-one 30-minute session.

In this session, we will go over what your current intake looks like, how to better prioritize your nutrition based on your goals, and educate you on sports nutrition fundamentals that will help you perform both on the field/court and off!

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Relentless Nutrition Members

With Relentless Nutrition coaching, we individualize what you eat and in what amounts according to your goals, schedule, training intensity, and lifestyle!

This monthly membership option is perfect for any athlete looking for a more guided approach to her nutrition. Through this membership, each athlete will receive a specific nutrition plan as well as biweekly contact with her coach. This option is perfect for the female athlete who needs accountability and help in monitoring/adjusting her plan as she progresses towards her goal. This plan includes daily tracking of nutrition, sleep, fatigue, hours training, and other data particular to the individual and her goals.

Our goal for any Relentless Nutrition Client is to not just tell you what to do, but to educate you along the way!

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Jaime Bonner
D2 Volleyball Athlete

I never knew I was fueling my body wrong on game days until Emily taught me how it really should be done. Proper nutrition during competition is a GAME CHANGER! I felt energized and was consistently able to perform at a high level without much fatigue.

Mary Owen Howell
Collegiate Track and Field Athlete

Usually I feel pretty sluggish during warm ups and eventually feel better once the competition starts. But now, I can tell I have more energy at the start of warm ups and that stays around longer, which was really nice! The timing of meals really helps too. I think that is the biggest thing that helps on competition day because I never give my body a chance to be hungry and lose energy.