Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I / My daughter strength train?

We chose the name Relentless ATHLETICS because we focus on the development of ATHLETES….. specifically, the FEMALE ATHLETE.

Science shows us that weightlifting can help our athletes become not just stronger….. but faster, able to jump higher, be more powerful, stable, coordinated and even resistant to injuries! Weightlifting allows us to develop a better athlete who is then able to become a better {insert your sport} player.

How many times a week should I / my daughter strength train?

At Relentless, we recommend our female athletes strength train 2-3x a week depending on her training age (lifting experience), goals, and previous injury history.

Will I/ my daughter get “big” or “bulky”?

NO WAY!!  Females don’t have the hormonal make-up to get “big” or pack on muscle like that! Muscle on a female who you may consider “bulky” takes years and years of dedicated time and effort (and probably some outside help 🙂

Instead of “bulking” up from weightlifting, your/ your daughter’s body will respond by taking on a firmer more athletic look!  No skin and bones here…. but healthy frames that are full of lean, firm muscle!

Should I/ my daughter be squatting THAT low? Will that hurt my/her knees?

Squatting full depth will NOT hurt your/her knees!  Actually, squatting this low helps strengthen them!! Full depth squats performed with proper technique (stability at the spine) allows athletes to activate their glutes (AKA THE POWER HOUSE of your body’s force production).  Stronger glutes = stronger hip extension= faster runners, higher jumpers, and more explosive athletes!

What age should you start strength training?

There is no such thing as “too young” or “too old” when it comes to training! Training is universal…. only the goals of our training differ based on an athlete’s pubescent age!