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Relentless Athletics uses Science to Develop Stronger FEMALE Athletes

Thanks to our uniquely impressive team of sports scientists!

Every member of the Relentless head coaching staff has a master’s degree in a scientific field relating to sports physiology, sports nutrition, or sports rehabilitation.

For this reason, Relentless prides itself in our ability to teach females the necessity of strength training and nutrition from a perspective that is grounded in science!

Check out our coaching staff below:


In the world of athletics, men are always the dominant sex in the weight room. Yet for females, most never enter a weight room until their freshman year of college despite being exposed to the same stressors on the court or field.

At Relentless, we want to change this. Through science, we know female athletes are just as athletically capable as their male counterparts and NEED strength training to help reach their athletic potential.

Our Community of Female Athletes 

Relentless female athletes range from middle school to college sports players, from local to nationally competitive weightlifters, and from retired players who want to remain strong and confident athletes long after their sports careers!

Regardless of the goal, we are a COMMUNITY of like-minded female athletes.

Every Relentless female value the importance of hard work, dedication, encouragement, and support in a unique environment that provides both positivity and empowerment.

WHY Strength Training

Strength training is NOT a guy thing.  It is an ATHLETE thing.

Female athletes that are stronger, more aware of their bodies, more powerful & coordinated are undoubtedly the best players in any sport.


The Relentless Method:

Developing strength depends first on the acquisition of movement.  Movement is a skill and learning this skill is dependent on the individual.

For this reason, every Relentless athlete receives a program that is written SPECIFICALLY for them.

With this emphasis, Relentless coaches are able to teach our athletes the basics movement patterns (squat, hinge, press, pull, and stabilization) – and progress them to the more technical variants such as with the snatch and clean & jerk.

Through our tiered movement progression, we are able to not only develop strength, speed, and power, but also improve body awareness, coordination, balance, and neuromuscular control.

WHY Female Athlete Nutrition

Our goal is to educate Female Athletes on the WHY behind what to eat, when to eat it, in what amounts.

Through Relentless Nutrition, we offer consultations or can create a specific plan and help guide you on how to eat for your performance and aesthetic goals. Whether you are a high school or collegiate athlete, a competitive strength sport athlete, or a recreational athlete looking to gain confidence in the way you look, we want to teach you how to fuel your body!

Our mission is NOT to have you rely on us forever. We want to EDUCATE you so you can continue to fuel yourself WITHOUT our guidance with confidence and success

Relentless Makes Female Athletes Stronger:
and through Relentless Nutrition, this strength lies in knowledge

WHY Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Relentless Rehab is a service that provides rehabilitation treatment for female athletes suffering from injury: this may be range from minor injuries such as ankle sprains/muscle strains to more serious injuries such as stress fractures or post-ACL reconstruction surgery.

With Relentless Rehab, we help athletes to not only recover from their injury, but return them to sport STRONGER than they were before. With this approach, we focus on the full body rather than the individual area that was injured. Relentless Rehab bridges the gap between rehabilitation and strength training for the female athlete – when rehabilitation is facilitated correctly, rehab IS strength training.

Meet your coaches

"I truly want to create a type of environment where these girls can be BAD ASS while also building one another up in the process. Being STRONGER really is a beautiful thing, and the more female athletes I can share that with, the better!"

Meet Head Coach Emily, MS, USAW

Founder of Relentless Athletics

Adjunct Instructor at Temple University

Emily holds a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Temple University and a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Drexel University. Through this education, Emily values her ability to coach athletes with a perspective that is grounded in biomechanics and human physiology. Outside of the classroom, Emily has experience coaching and programming at the Division I Collegiate Level working as the assistant strength coach for Temple University’s Women’s Rugby team. In addition, Emily holds her USAW Sport Performance certification and values her ability to coach athletes using “Olympic” Weightlifting. Emily is extremely passionate about the sport of Weightlifting, not only for the competitive nature of the sport, but also for the application of the lifts as a tool in the strength field. Through these lifts, Emily has been able to develop athletes that range from grade school athletes to nationally ranked athletes in sports such as lacrosse, field hockey, and weightlifting.

During her years in the class and weight room, Emily came to realize that most female athletes never get the benefits of weight training until much later in their athletic career. Emily realized that most females feared the weight room due to intimidation of a predominately male environment as well as fearing that lifting will get them too “big” (a misconception that has been around for WAY too long). Through her knowledge and own experience, Emily understands the benefits weightlifting has on developing her own athletic abilities, and  more importantly her confidence.

Emily developed the idea of Relentless Athletics hoping to make a CHANGE in the industry.  Relentless is a means to educate girls on the importance of strength training and sports nutrition for both their physical and mental development.

Through Relentless, Emily aims to use her scientific knowledge, experience, and passion to create a community of female athletes that are stronger and more confident in their ability to work towards any goal they aspire to achieve.

“Through Relentless, my goal is to spread the knowledge needed to help establish STRONG foundations necessary for females to excel in both nutrition and strength training”

Meet Head Coach Julia, M.S., CSCS, USAW

Julia holds a M.S. in Sports Science and Coach Education from East Tennessee State University and a B.S. in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from Temple University. During her time at ETSU, Julia worked as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Women’s D1 Volleyball team and headed their sports nutrition. She also worked as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at a local college in Tennessee for their Track & Field team.

Julia’s main passion is bringing an evidence-based approach to training and nutrition practice. Her time spent around collegiate athletes highlighted the gap between real-world practice/understanding and science; enter Relentless Athletics. After working with a variety of athletes and online diet clients, Julia knew there was a hole that needed to be filled – specifically for females. She saw that there was an absence of reliable sources for these individuals to gather information to help develop their athletic ability. Relentless offered the perfect community for Julia to spread her knowledge and help build STRONG foundations for females through nutrition education and training.

In her free time, Julia competes in powerlifting and weightlifter recreationally. She holds the Pennsylvania Junior State Record in the bench press in the 72 kg weight class.

“As a female athlete myself, and a knowledgeable Athletic Trainer, I want to help female athletes recover from injuries by not just treating the injury, but by optimizing movements to help correct the CAUSE of the injury. With Relentless Rehab, I can help females get back to the sport they love while helping them understand WHY the injury happened in the first place, and how to reduce the risk of it happening again!”

Meet Head Coach Jillian, MS, LAT, ATC, USAW

As a lover of sports and having a deep passion for helping others, it was only natural that Jillian chose a career in Athletic Training. As a standout division 1 collegiate track and field athlete at the University of Delaware, she knows what it takes to get to the top of an athlete’s game, winning two conference championships and breaking a 30-year-old record in the javelin throw during her career. Her experiences as an NCAA Division 1 athlete combined with the knowledge of exercise science from her Athletic Training degrees make her a valuable resource to athletes looking to rehab injuries and enhance their performance- in the gym, on the field, and in life.

Jillian graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S. in Athletic Training in 2012. She spent a year in graduate school at the University of Georgia before finishing up her Master’s degree in Athletic Training at East Stroudsburg University. During this time, she worked at the high school level, gaining experience as an Athletic Trainer with a wide range of skills in not just acute injury rehabilitation, but also with performance enhancement and injury risk reduction, especially for female student-athletes. Jillian has spent the past 5 years as an Athletic Trainer at Arcadia University, helping collegiate student-athletes return from injury stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever. She has learned that optimizing movement and correcting the cause of dysfunction, rather than just treating a single-joint injury, results in better outcomes in the long term. Jillian also holds the USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Certification

Jillian continues to work to be a high-level athlete even though her track and field days are long gone. She found Olympic weightlifting after graduation and believes her greatest successes are yet to come. She has consistently placed in the top 7 at national-level USA Weightlifting competitions since 2016, placing as high as 4th at National Championships in 2017. Most recently, she earned a spot on her first international team for the IWF International Open in March 2019. Jillian believes her own experiences make her an invaluable Athletic Trainer and coach. She knows what it takes to work hard, eat properly, manage injuries, maintain optimum recovery, and balance other aspects of life.

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