We Make FEMALE Athletes Stronger.

Strength Training & Sports Nutrition


We Focus on the Development of the FEMALE ATHLETE based on Scientific Principles:

• Strength Training & Weightlifting Coaching •
• Sports Nutrition Coaching •
• RESOURCE for Educating Females Athletes •


Relentless is a community of STRONG, like-minded female athletes that although are competitive, are equally supportive of one another.

• From high school volleyball players to collegiate division 1 divers •
• From competitive weightlifters to general health and fitness female athletes •
• We have a program for you! •


The better an athlete MOVES, the better an athlete PLAYS.

We use weightlifting as a tool in the development of our athletes.

These lifts help us to establish:

 • Strength & Power •
• Body Awareness & Coordination •
• Agility Mechanics •
(acceleration, change of direction, deceleration) 

Our Classes & Programs


Jaime Bonner
Collegiate Volleyball

I never knew I was fueling my body wrong on game days until Emily taught me how it really should be done. Proper nutrition during competition is a GAME CHANGER! I felt energized and was consistently able to perform at a high level without much fatigue.

Katie Caputo
Gwynedd Mercy Diving Athlete AND Drexel Univeristy D1 Diving Commit

I had always thought weightlifting was more of a “guy thing.” I had always been too nervous to join a gym because I would feel embarrassed and would be intimidated by the guy athletes. When I saw how much lifting at Relentless impacted my sister’s field hockey abilities, I decided to give it a go with this all-girls strength training gym. All I can say is that performing these Olympic lifts has boosted not only my strength and stability in diving, but also my self-confidence. When I first walked in the door at Relentless, I was a shy, scared, and overwhelmed girl who had no idea what Emily and this gym would help her accomplish. I had always been insecure with my body because it didn’t look like most girls’ thanks to my gymnastics background, but Relentless has given me the confidence to embrace my body and to realize that being strong isn’t necessarily a “guy thing.”

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