Relentless Athletics is a Strength Training facility for the Female Athlete.

Our goal is to create a community of female athletes that are both physically and mentally stronger, more durable, and more confident in their abilities.


At Relentless Athletics we believe every FEMALE athlete is unique and requires a strength, speed, and agility program that is based in SCIENCE and designed to fit her individual needs.


We believe female athletes are just as athletically capable as their male counterparts and deserve to be trained in the same manner. Our goal at Relentless is to create a community of STRONG, like minded females that although are competitive, are equally supportive of one another


Through these lifts our athletes focus on: initiating movement explosively, decelerating, changing direction, accelerating again quickly. Weightlifting allows us to develop agility mechanics while also increasing strength and coordination at both a muscular and nervous system level.

Our Classes & Programs


Kelly Sabolsky
Lansdale Catholic Basketball Athlete (and Weightlifting athlete!)

I can honestly say that going to Relentless has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. When I started working out I couldn’t even deadlift the 35 lbs bar. Now, about a year and half later I can deadlift up to 183 lbs. But that’s not the only reason I love relentless. I love…

Erica Kelly
North Penn Field Hockey AND Fairfield University D1 Field Hockey Commit

Before coming to Relentless, lifting and working out seemed like a chore. But Emily makes her gym a positive and fun environment that I really love being a part of. I know a lot of people think that lifting will make girls big and bulky, but Emily’s workouts have made me more lean and muscular…

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